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Ty Diedrick I’m absolutely in love with these things! It’s really hard to find a healthy snack that I can eat by itself or crunch up and put into things like fro-yo. Foodie Fuel fits that criterion. Plus the added protein is great for my diet. If I could, I would order Foodie Fuel by the ton! I highly recommend that you try it yourself!


Mike Porricelli Foodie Fuel is a great alternative to traditional “healthy” snacks. The flavors are so appetizing that it’s hard to imagine the nutritional value contained in each serving. Foodie Fuel is a great snack for my active kids and I’d recommend it to anyone who pursues a healthy active lifestyle. I always keep a bag in my brief case when I’m traveling or in my gym bag for a quick post work-out snack.


Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou As head coach of ABC Elite, I’m always looking for healthy snacks that I can offer my athletes before and after competitions. It’s taken me 20 years to find the right product! Foodie Fuel has the nutritional value I look for and it tastes great! Thanks for making my job easier!


Dominique Schreiner Those crunchy toasty little treasures are a truly healthy snack. I eat Foodie Fuel with milk on it, like cereal. It has a perfect crispy texture without being loaded with processed chemicals, like so many cereals on the shelf. It’s my go-to-food since it’s perfectly balanced with essential complete protein, healthy fats and low-glycemic carbs. I keep my cabinets stocked with Foodie Fuel because it’s delicious, quick and easy! Butter Toffee is my favorite and smells heavenly, just like it tastes…heavenly!!!!!


Colleen Vistara I pack Foodie Fuel to take along with us when we go for a hike or a long bike ride. I know I can count on it tasting great, satisfying my hunger and providing us with the energy we need to complete our activity. My husband loves it as much as I do and we love sharing it!


Jared Januschka I am often on a movie set for 12 hours at a time and I have to maintain my energy level to stay focused and clear thinking. Foodie Fuel is my snack choice as its so delicious right out of the bag. If I get a few extra minutes, I squeeze some nut butter on it or crunch it up and add it to some yogurt. I have to admit I love it best with milk on it and the new Cinnamon Ginger is my current flavor!


Mary Lee Peacock I am so happy to have discovered Foodie Fuel. My whole family loves it, which is rare, as I have some very picky eaters at my house. If you’re looking for a family friendly food, I encourage you to get some Foodie Fuel. You’ll be happy because it is healthy and full of good nutrition and your kids will love it because it tastes so great. I pack it in lunch boxes and keep it for after school snacks too. My growing teenage son often eats it at night instead of cereal.


Susan Adams I love the crunchy little squares and they’re perfect when I want just a little snack that satisfies my appetite, simple and quickly. My favorite is the Swiss Chocolate, which works out perfectly because my husband’s favorite is the Coconut Vanilla. I like to savor my bag of Foodie Fuel and eat a little bit at a time and he likes to eat it by the handful!


Wes Fischer The best thing about Foodie Fuel, other than being delicious is that it is gluten-free! I’ve tried a lot of gluten-free snacks and have never found anything as great tasting and satisfying as Foodie Fuel. I eat it all the time and recommend it to anyone who wants to eat healthy and feel great!