The Foodie Fuel Story

As told by Founders, Chris and Eloise

It all started here in Boulder, Colorado. We created Foodie Fuel Snacks out of necessity. Out of the inherent desire to fuel our growing families with organic, delicious snacks loaded with carefully selected ingredients that provide steady, sustained energy.

Lifelong friends—even born on the same day, just 188 miles apart—we were raised on farm-fresh food, produced by friends and neighbors in America’s rural heartland. So, when it came time to feed our own families, we wanted to do so with the same tradition of healthy, sustainable nutrition we had growing up.

And so, Foodie Fuel was born. Foodie Fuel Snacks have been voted the number one healthy grab-and-go snack on the market today and are not only delicious, but are also USDA certified organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and paleo friendly. Our crunchy-yet-chewy bite-sized snack squares are packed with raw energy and a hint of sweetness to satisfy cravings any time of day—and for whatever adventure awaits you.

It’s our mission at Foodie Fuel to help you bring the highest quality food to your family and loved ones.

Be well,

Chris and Eloise
Foodie Fuel Founders

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