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What’s Non-GMO?
Get the Truth About Genetically
Modified Foods.

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You’ve probably heard the buzzword “non-GMO,” and you may have even noticed the green, blue, and white NON-GMO Project VERIFIED logo with the little orange butterfly emblazoned on some of your food labels.

What does it even mean though? Why should you care? What are GMOs, anyway? Eloise Nelson, nutritionist, co-founder, and formulator of Foodie Fuel Snacks, breaks it all down for you here.

Genetically Modified Organisms

Let me start with the basics for you: GMO is an acronym for genetically modified organisms. In GMOs, the DNA of a plant, animal, or microorganism is modified—also known as genetically engineered, or GE—in a laboratory using recombinant methods, otherwise known as gene splicing.

GMO foods come in a couple forms: foods that have been produced with genetically altered organisms, or animals that have been fed genetically engineered crops, neither of which is true of Foodie Fuel Snacks. Genetic engineering creates combinations of plants, animals, and bacterial and viral genes that don’t occur in nature or through traditional crossbreeding methods—making them biologically unstable.

GMOs and Food Safety

We at Foodie Fuel don’t believe that GMO foods are safe to eat—foods that contain GMOs adversely affect your body, your health, and your environment. That’s because genetically engineered crops are sprayed heavily with Roundup, the world’s most-used herbicide, whose active chemical is glyphosate. Plus, science tells us so: in 2015, the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm announced that glyphosate is “probably carcinogenic to humans”—that is, known to cause cancer and other diseases.

One thing you might not know is that not only has glyphosate been linked to health problems in humans, it has also killed massive populations of bees—the insects that are critical for pollination, and, thus, maintaining our food supply. And since glyphosate is a herbicide, it gets washed into our water supply, effectively poisoning both people and animals. All Foodie Fuel Snacks are 100 percent GMO-free—and that’s something we take great pride in.

How to Avoid GMO Foods

Foods containing GMOs are everywhere—in fact, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, 75 percent of conventional processed foods contain GMOs. So how do you avoid them? I believe that it’s actually very simple. Let me give you some insight.  

Start by avoiding processed foods. If you’re buying food from your local grocery store, shop on the perimeter. Stop relying on boxes of processed goods to satiate you; instead, buy fresh, whole foods. And if you must buy packaged foods, look for the NON-GMO Project VERIFIED logo, which signifies that the company went through a lengthy process to ensure its validity—we at Foodie Fuel endured this same process.

Eat certified organic food as much as possible. If you’re buying an organic product such as Foodie Fuel Snacks, you can rest assured that it’s also non-GMO. In order for a product to be certified organic, it must go through a very strict certification process. I personally believe that organic food protects our food chain, our farmers, our communities, our environment, our selves, and our families.  

I always try to purchase food from farmers markets as much as possible, and I get to know my local farmers. Try asking them about their farming practices. You can also grow your own food. That way, you have a say in what you’re fueling yourself with. If it comes from your own soil, you know what goes into the growing process.

We at Foodie Fuel believe that every time you purchase food, you are casting your ballot for either healthy food or processed, toxic food. The food you eat today creates the body you live in tomorrow. Eating healthy is one of the best insurance health policies that you can purchase for yourself and your family.

Be well, my friends,

Nutritionist, co-founder, and formulator of Foodie Fuel Snacks


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