on Dec 19, 17

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We all have our must-haves, our everyday go-tos, our can’t-live-withouts. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift idea or simply curious about some of my favorite items, here’s a peek into my pantry, my jewelry box, and my living room.

  1. Fresh aloe leaves unparalleled healing power.
  2. Gluten- and grain-free almond flour tortilla wraps—yes way José!
  3. Emotional health benefits tied to organically grown fresh-cut flowers.
  4. Delicious bread mix that’s also USDA-certified organic, paleo, and gluten-free.
  1. The rich, buttery taste of pili nuts.
  2. Beautiful, scented candles without fear of setting your house on fire.
  3. The healing power of fresh young coconuts.
  4. Vibrational energy from the gemstones in handmade Power Peace jewelry.
  5. Movie night popcorn that’s packed with probiotics.

Be well, my friends,

— Eloise

     Nutritionist, co-founder, and formulator of Foodie Fuel Snacks





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