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on Sep 13, 17

Banana Coconut Cream Pie with Foodie Fuel Crust

  Ingredients Crust 2 bags Coconut Vanilla Foodie Fuel Snacks T. Coconut oil   Filling;   1 cup cashews, soaked...

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on Aug 15, 17

High-Fructose Corn Syrup:
The Not-So-Simple Syrup

It’s been in the news for years—high-fructose corn syrup and its potentially damaging effects to the human body. It’s been...

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on Aug 09, 17

Chemical Taste Enhancers:
Faking Food-Like Taste Since 1908

We at Foodie Fuel invite you to taste your food—not chemicals that mimic food. Get to know what the natural...

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on Aug 09, 17

What’s Non-GMO?
Get the Truth About Genetically
Modified Foods.

You’ve probably heard the buzzword “non-GMO,” and you may have even noticed the green, blue, and white NON-GMO Project VERIFIED...

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on Jun 26, 17

Pecan Pie with Foodie Fuel Crust

Ingredients Crust 2 bags Butter Toffee Foodie Fuel Snacks T. Coconut oil Filling; 2 cups pecans, soaked in 2 cups...

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on Jun 19, 17

Why Sugar Makes You Fat:
The Processed, The White, The Highly Addictive.

There’s no denying the feeling you get after you consume sugar: giddy, jittery, almost invincible. You’re on a sugar high....

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on Jun 16, 17

Organic vs. Natural:
Don’t be duped by deceptive food labels.

With all their acronyms, percentages, and lofty claims, food labels can be confusing—and, sometimes, whether intentional or not, deceptive. You’ve...

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on Jun 08, 15

The Puzzle of Growing Young

Life is an exciting living puzzle!  We spend an entire lifetime putting the pieces together, which creates the picture of...

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on May 18, 15

Balancing & Rebooting Your Metabolism

Metabolic disorders and obesity are directly linked to two powerful hormones known as insulin and leptin.  85% of the US...

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on May 08, 15

Tone Up Your Brain & Tone Down Inflammation

80% of all diseases in the US are inflammatory based.  Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis of all types, inflammatory bowel diseases, asthma,...

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